The importance of the pregame

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By: Jimmy Jacks

There are many components to a great night out, but none are as important as the pregame. How can a night of drinking be great without a great beginning? And inversely, with a terrible beginning, how can you recover to have a fun night? The pregame is the precursor to how the night will flow, whether that be a lukewarm Keystone Light or a nice glass of bourbon. The pregame will determine how memorable the night will be, even if you don’t quite remember all of it.

The pregame is beyond important. It sets the tone for the night right off the bat. Put on some music, pour a few drinks, and play some of the best drinking games and instead of showing up to the bar stone-cold sober, you’re in a groove and ready to party, mingle and have a good time.

Not to mention, pregaming brings together the people you’re probably already excited to go out on the town with and gives you the chance to hang out before things potentially get crazy or fuzzy, depending on the amount of consumption. Simply put, the pregame gets people going.

On top of that, the pregame is an excellent way to shake that social anxiety—actually, scratch that. A healthy buzz is an excellent way to shake that social anxiety of showing up to a crowded bar or party. A few drinks with friends before the night gets going can make it easier to mingle and open up to new company at a social event. That’s not to say that a lack of filter will always take you where you want to go in a conversation with that hunk or babe down the bar that you want to buy a drink for, but at least it will get you somewhere. Hey, they don’t call alcohol “confidence juice” for no reason.

But trumping all of that is that the pregame saves you money. For those looking to ball on a budget, the pregame is the ultimate way to go. Even at the local dive bar, drinks add up when trying to nurse a healthy buzz or more. It will be much more cost-effective to pound some light beer or cheap liquor to limit how many drinks you buy at the bar. The pregame simply shows fiscal responsibility, if you think of it.

For example, I once pregamed at a friend’s house before heading down to Pittsburgh’s South Side. After downing a six-pack of Lionshead and a handful of shots at the house, we rushed down the hill and onto adventure. Believe it or not, and just my tolerance however you please, but I went the entire night without spending a dollar, yet had a blast the entire time.

The pregame is vital to a fun and affordable night out. Once you master it and know your limits, there will be nothing stopping you from making the most each time you go out.

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