How to flirt with girls on Tinder: A girl’s perspective

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By: Danielle Santore

Left, left, left.

Oh, definitely right.

Why him, you ask?  What was it about his profile that struck your eye?

Well, your pictures are most likely cute, but if a girl goes through all of your pictures and can’t tell who you are, then it looks like you are hiding something or that you are a creep.

If the pictures are of you playing sports, hanging out with friends or even playing with a puppy, then you’re probably golden.  Pictures will tell more about the person than you may think.  They are key in your chances of getting a swipe right.

In pictures, you can show off your best features.  It is the place where you can catch someone’s eye and give a visual description of yourself.  Bad pictures are ones that do not show you, whether that’s because every picture is with multiple people, or because there simply is no picture.  Be sure to choose your pictures wisely.

Another key component to getting a swipe right is your bio.  This is your first low-key interaction with the person.  It isn’t your whole story, but it has to have substance.  You should have something that is funny but that gets to the point.  A good example is, “Our relationship should be like a Nintendo 64 – classic, fun to spend hours with and every issue easily fixed by blowing on it then shoving it back in,” or “I’m not a player, I just swipe a lot.”

Your bio is the second glimpse the person gets at seeing who you really are—this is a crucial moment.  This is how they begin to determine what your personality might be like.  They put together both the picture and the bio, and then they form an impression of you.

Basically, you’re now in their mind, you’re just not tangible yet.

The final component to getting the possible swipe is the pick-up line.  This is when you make or break the swipe.  It’s also when they may revoke the swipe.  If you say something weird or creepy, your swipe could be revoked.  You need to be very careful during this time and say something subtle, yet straightforward.

Here are some examples:  “Are you a good cuddler?  If so, I may let you join my gang,” or “What would you rather have from me? A) A nice date. Restaurant and a movie? B) Meaningful, intelligent conversations. C. Casual hookup?”  Both of these are prime examples of what could work.

“Netflix and Chill” is definitely a no-go area, so keep that to yourself.  It comes off as creepy.  It is also very basic, and it shows that you possibly have no game.  If you follow these simple guidelines, you are almost guaranteed a swipe right.  Be sure to follow the guidelines exactly as they have been laid out.  If you miss just one step, the whole thing could be ruined.

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