5 game-night games for staying in

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By: H. Grey.

Budgets while attending college or living off that first job salary can be tight, not leaving much room for costly outings with friends.  There are plenty of ways to have fun and spend time with friends without having to go out.

Cards Against Humanity

This is a college favorite, and it should be, since it was created by college students.  This can be played dirty or clean.  There are plenty of card expansions, so having the same card game twice is never an option.  Each round, one person will read a topic, and everyone else will lay a card down to match the topic, trying to make the reader laugh.  The reader then picks his or her favorite.

The Game of Things

Another game that can be played dirty or clean is the Game of Things.  This requires at least four people to play, so make it a dinner and a game night to get the most people you can.  Each round, one person is the reader, while everyone else writes down an answer to the topic on a card.  All of the writers will exchange responses, and then it’s up to the reader to guess who wrote what.

Scene It

There are plenty of different topics for this game.  Just pick the one you and your friends like playing the most.  All you need is a TV and a DVD player, and then you just roll the dice and select the task you are to complete.

Just Dance Tournament

This can work both as a night of fun and as a group exercise.  There are plenty of different versions of this Wii game, and there are a variety of songs.  All you need to do is create a bracket and start dancing.  Each round, someone will be eliminated until there is one person who emerges as the Just Dance champion.

Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag

For some late-night fun, all you need is a large, open place to play and plenty of glow sticks.  Go to a park or one of the campus’s sports fields.  Once the sun goes down, split teams up by glow stick colors.  The colors that aren’t used can be laid on the field to split each team’s side.  Also, determine which flag will be housed and where the safe spot is, meaning the area on the opponent’s side where the opposition cannot tag you.  The first team to successfully capture the flag and get it across the line wins.

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