Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ dazzles in first season as most expensive show yet

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By: H.Grey

Netflix’s “The Crown” follows current British Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne 65 years ago in the most lavish way possible.

Vanity Fair reports this is the most expensive Netflix show yet, with a budget around $100 million. The expensive budget shows with upper-class clothing and beautiful shots of castles.

The first season follows Elizabeth, who comes to the throne much sooner than expected after her father’s death, change her plans from being a Navy wife to ruling monarch.

Elizabeth (Claire Foy) is on a tour with her husband Philip Mountbatten (Matt Smith) when her father King George VI (Jared Harris) falls ill with lung cancer and dies. This moment in the season shows how slow communication traveled during the 1950s, according to the New York Times, as it takes days for word to reach Elizabeth that she is now queen.

After a flurry of events, many power struggles and dynamic problems ensue as Philip adjusts to what life as consort will be like, according to the Hollywood reporter. Philip struggles to deal with a role shift as his wife decides where they will live and even if she and their children will take his last name.

The historical drama looks at the power struggle of Winston Churchill (John Lithgow) as he deals with many people, even within his own party, thinking his methods are out of date, the New York Times reports. Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby), was having a scandalous relationship with a married man, Peter Townsend (Ben Miles).

“The Crown” does not seek to exploit or over dramatize Elizabeth’s life, but is done thoughtfully and not for shock value, the New York Times reports. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show is meant to appeal to “Downton Abbey” and “House of Cards” fans, and shies away from those who like the feel of “Game of Thrones.”

According to Vanity Fair, there are plans for at least five seasons of the historical drama. The second season is set to cover the time period of 1955 to 1964, the Express reports. Netflix has not released an official date for the second season to air.

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