How to save money at the movies

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By: D. McKay

Going to the movies is one of the greatest past times. Two hours in a big, comfy seat escaping reality for a little bit—you can’t beat that. But with that escape from reality can come a hefty price tag. Here are just a few ways you can reduce that bill on your next trip to the big screen.

1. $5 Tuesdays

Cinemark Theaters offer Discount Days where ticket prices are cheaper the entire day. For the Robinson Cinemark, every Tuesday, all day movies are $5. For RealD 3D, D-BOX, Rave Xtreme and Rave IMAX movies, tickets are $5 plus the premium.

2. Early Bird Special

If you want a to save money on days other than Tuesday, head to the movie theater early. At Cinemark movie theaters, they offer a “Special Discount Price” for the first matinee showtime of the day for shows starting before 1 p.m. This applies to all movies, 7 days a week. RealD 3D, D-BOX, Rave Xtreme and Rave IMAX also get the Early Bird ticket price, plus the premium.

3. Forget 3D and IMAX

3D movies were the coolest thing when they first came out and there’s no denying that the technology has improved with the RealD 3D, but the technology still isn’t great. Is it really worth the price jump? No, not really. Same with IMAX showings because there are very few IMAX theaters and nine times out of 10 these theaters are very far away from you. Skip 3D and IMAX and save the money.

4. Download the app!

The Cinemark Theatres app is underrated. It’s available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Not only does it allow you to get showtimes and purchase tickets, but also features CineMode. According to the Cinemark website, this is an “exclusive and interactive way to earn Cinemark rewards while being courteous during the show.” Don’t be the person texting during a movie, and this app helps you avoid going on your phone by entering the CineMode. The best part? If you stay in the mode for your entire movie you earn FREE COUPONS.

5. Speciality Discounts

You may be able to receive specialty discounts! Some theaters offer discounts for students (Robinson Cinemark does not), whereas most such as the Robinson Cinemark offer discounts for military personnel and senior citizens. AAA members get up to 25 percent off at Cinemark theaters, and even more at other theaters.

6. Skip the Snacks

Eat beforehand or sneak in some Junior Mints, that are a third of the price, you bought from Five Below that is right in Settler’s Ridge. (For the record, I don’t condone sneaking in snacks since you’re not supposed to do it, but if you’re daring enough to do it, go for it!) The large tubs of popcorn, big boxes of candy and the hefty drinks rack up a colossal bill. Just either skip them at the theater, or be a rebel and sneak some in.

So, when’s the next showtime?

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