Enjoying the warm weather in Washington, D.C.

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By: Natalie O’Neil

Yearning for spring so you can finally hike, sightsee or just enjoy a long walk in the city?  Well, as strange as it seems, you may not have to wait much longer.  With balmy conditions gracing us unseasonably often so far this year, the outdoors enthusiast in each of us can emerge a bit sooner than usual.  

If you’re looking for any possible way to get out into the fresh air in the upcoming weeks, D.C. has plenty to offer.  From the Lincoln Memorial to Theodore Roosevelt Island, there’s something for everyone.  Here are some of the wonderful places to see in this delightful weather before we wake up to winter again.

For those interested in the memorials and monuments of D.C., strolling down the National Mall is the best way to go.  While not every memorial is located on this strip, it is a great way to tour many in one area.

Along the mall are notable memorials, such as the World War II Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.  Other must-sees include the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and, of course, the Washington Monument.  


Korean War Veterans Memorial


The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial


If you’re a book lover like me, or if you’re just searching for a spot to rest for a bit, I recommend visiting the Lincoln or Jefferson Memorial for a relaxing environment that looks over either the Reflection Pool or the Potomac River, respectively.  

The Lincoln Memorial

Though each of these spots is beautiful and commemorates a meaningful moment in our country’s history, one memorial stands out among the rest for me.  I believe that if anyone is paying a visit to our nation’s capital, he or she shouldn’t miss the chance to stop by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.  

Though simplistic and bare at first glance, upon further inspection, visitors of the memorial will find the names of those who fought in the war inscribed on the glossy wall.  Alongside each of the names is an indicator as to whether the individual lived, died or was missing in action.  As modest as the wall appears, the fact that it is unembellished may offer onlookers a more frank and emotional glimpse at the unglamorous nature of war and its consequences.


View of Georgetown from Theodore Roosevelt Island


For those looking for something to do outside the city, I recommend a hike along the trails on Theodore Roosevelt Island.  Across the island, there are three trails that take you through wooded patches, swampy marshes or along the coast, where you can find a spectacular view of Georgetown from across the Potomac River.

However strange this warm weather may be, you should make sure you don’t miss your chance to get out and explore D.C.  No matter how you decide to spend your time out, D.C. has something for each of us.


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