Allegheny County passes vaping ban

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By D. McKay

The Allegheny County Council passed an indoor vaping ban by an 8-5 vote Tuesday, according to WPXI.

A vote to send the proposal to the full council was made by the Health and Human Services Committee last week.

WPXI reports that, “The ban prohibits vaping and e-cigarettes everywhere that cigarette smoking is not allowed, including indoor workplaces, schools, restaurants, health care-related properties, theaters, sports facilities and transit stations.”

Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald feels strongly about the new legislation, according to WTAE.

Some local vape shop owners are opposing the ban because they feel they should be able to make their own decisions regarding how their businesses are operated.

Owner of Vape Inn Pittsburgh, Gabrielle Williams, told WTAE, “I feel like they want us to close our doors. I employ 12 employees, I have three business locations, and they’re just trying to always meddle in our business. Leave it up to us. Let us do it.”

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