The 5 commandments: A college girl’s guide to safe partying

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By: Carly Phillips

Oh, the glory of college years.  Four years of experimenting, adapting, adulting, discovering and you guessed it, partying.  With all the stress that comes along with getting a degree, college students turn to booze to let loose and get crazy.  Sometimes, we may find ourselves making stupid choices, having regrets or saying, “What the hell happened last night?” after a night of drinking.  Have no fear, ladies, the days of blurry vision and even blurrier photos are over all thanks to The Five Commandments–five rules that every college girl needs in order to have fun partying while staying safe at the same time.

1.  Details are important.

Even though your ultimate goal of the evening may be to get very intoxicated, there’s a lot you need to know and pay attention to before you can party the night away.

First, be sure to get an address or location of where the party is being held before you go there.  It’s important to make sure that the location is safe and that the house isn’t sketchy.  Next, if the place you plan to go to is offering a DD, be sure to get his or her name and phone number.  Know exactly who this person is, where they are taking you at all times, and be sure that they are on duty all night long.  You never want to attend a party that offers transportation on the way there but not on the way back.

Be sure to never travel alone.  Always have someone arrive at and leave the party with you.  Besides, it’s much more fun to party with your besties than with total strangers.  If there happens to be no DD that evening, call an Uber.  It’s cheap, it’s efficient, and you’ll probably have a pretty memorable conversation with your driver.

On your way to the party, be sure to pay attention to where you are headed.  Look for landmarks, and pay attention to your surroundings.  And when you get there, immediately send your location to a friend who decided to spend the night in just so someone knows where you are throughout the evening.

2.  Keep rollin’ squad deep.

So you got to the party successfully, and it’s time to have fun!  There’s just one thing you have to remember throughout the entire night: never leave yourself or your friends unattended.  Be sure to always have at least one or two people you know with you at all times.  Not only is it safer, but it’s much more fun to dance the night away with your girlfriends by your side.  Travel in packs.  That means if one of you has to “break the seal,” then take a group trip and escort that individual to the nearest bathroom.  Girls who pee together, stick together.

3. Know your limits

There is no denying that partying is fun, but it’s even more fun when you actually get to remember the time you spend having fun.  That’s why knowing your limits is important.  When you feel like you’ve drank to the point where you can still function, walk around and speak like a normal human being, that probably means you’re at a good “drunk phase.”  When you start to feel dizzy, disoriented, sick to your stomach or unable to form proper sentences, you’ve probably drank too much.  “Blacking out” isn’t good for you in any way.  Besides, what’s the point of going to a party if you don’t remember it?

4. No means no

One of the smallest words in the English language carries a very powerful punch: no.  Just one singular word can save you from so much potential harm.  At some point in your college partying experience, someone will try to give you something—whether that be a red solo cup filled with a mysterious liquid, a joint or even a kiss on the lips.  Remember, YOU have the power to tell that person no.

Never take a drink from someone you don’t know, and never leave your beverage unattended.  If you don’t smoke and someone offers you a cigarette, say no.  We’re in college now–they aren’t going to shun you for it.  If a cute boy comes up to you when he’s drunk and tries to take you upstairs, say no.  It doesn’t matter how nice his teeth are or how ripped you think he is under his beer-stained shirt—if he really wants to be with you, he’ll do it when he’s sober.  Any of these circumstances apply to your friends as well.  Speak up and stand up for them if they are unable to do so themselves.  You are your own voice just as much as you are theirs.

Oh, and don’t drink the jungle juice.

5. Safe partying is best partying

College years are said to be the best years of your life.  Don’t jeopardize that by making stupid decisions that could not only ruin your present, but your future as well.  You can still be safe and have a good time.  It’s possible, I promise.  Live it up, have some fun and make memories, but most importantly, make good choices.  After all, YOCO (you only college once).

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