RMU students talk their idea of a fun night

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By: Amari Jacks

Everyone has his or her own idea of what defines a fun night. For me, having fun involves friends, family, and some drinks here and there, depending on the occasion, of course.

A normal weekend of fun for me is watching a movie with my roommates while drinking either a glass of moscato or a corona with a lime (which is a must). Or if there is a birthday, a holiday or a celebration of any kind, it is always fun to have a pregame session prior to the party, or whatever the function may be.

There are many students at RMU who have their own idea of fun, whether it’s by themselves or with friends and family. As for 22-year-old photography major Amber Powell, when she gets a break from her studies and work, she loves to enjoy every moment she can with good friends and family.

“My ideal night is sitting on the couch, eating a whole cheese pizza and watching a movie or stream of TV-show episodes,” said Powell. “It’s ideal, whether it’s with a few friends or with my family. And there has to be good drinks, but one important aspect is being inside and in comfy clothes.”  

As for Myles Ragin, a 22-year-old accounting major, his ideal night is more than just a simple night of hanging out with friends.

“My ideal night is going out to a fancy restaurant, like let’s say a four-star restaurant. Then you get completely trashed there while you are eating a fine-a** meal, and you pretend like you handle yourself, because you are around a bunch of fancy people,” said Ragin.

“Then you head back to where you reside, change into something a little more casual. Then you go out to a weird but lively local bar, and you do as the locals do and have a good time. But then you go back home, chug some water, and you are in bed before 2:00 a.m.  That’s my idea of a good night,” said Ragin.

For Ibraheem Faik, a 21-year-old mechanical engineering major, his version of a good night can involve either going out or just having a quiet night at home.

“Well my ideal night of fun is being with friends and legit do nothing, because everybody I know is chill as f**k,” said Faik. “I mean, honestly, I like going out for night rides and talking to people in the dark places.  And you know, there is a different kind of fun between man and woman. But in general though, my mood determines what I’ll be getting into for the night. But most of the time, fun can be me lying on my bed and watching Netflix by myself.”     

Everyone has his or her personal idea of fun, whether it is with or without company, with drinks or no drinks, indoors or outdoors.  Based on someone’s mood and experience, it can determine what they perceive as fun.  Nobody’s idea of a fun night is ever the same.

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