First drinks, RoMo’s workers, drunk girls cut off: The story of my 21st birthday

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By: D. McKay

My 21st birthday was interesting, to say the least. Long story short, it involved a very intoxicated RoMo’s worker, a drunk 20-something girl cut off her limit and my very first alcoholic drink.

Here is some detail to help this all make more sense. Five of my friends and I went to Patrick’s Pub in Moon Township just before midnight to celebrate me turning 21 and having my first drink ever. We walked into Patrick’s and took a spot at the bar. Before we even sat down, this older woman recognized us as Robert Morris University students and became very excited. We all recognized her as one of the lovely ladies that works in the RoMo’s and Wheatley Cafes at RMU. She began to hug us and talk with us.

My friends and I had to wait until midnight to drink because technically, I was still under 21 years old. We all ordered drinks, beers, mixed drinks and shots. My decision was hard because I had no idea what I liked. Seeing as I waited until literally that moment, I had done my research by asking friends and family what I would like. My final decision was a green tea shot that my sister suggested.

The clock struck midnight, and the lady from RoMo’s got everyone to start singing happy birthday to me. She even gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek—that was how my 21st birthday began. Next, it was time to take my shot. The bartender, a younger, nice girl, set down two shots: one for me, and one for my old roommate, one of my best friends I’ve made in college. We toasted, and I officially had my first taste of alcohol.

My friends and I were laughing at the bar, just casually enjoying the night, when we noticed the bartender having to cut off a few girls at the end of the bar. The girls were not happy about the bartender ending their night, and one woman began to make a scene. She came down to our end of the bar and proceeded to bash the bartender. She said some choice words about her to us and was very loud. My friends and I made glances at the bartender to let her know that we didn’t agree with this woman at all.

She proceeded to say lots of different things, and then said that she was going to buy us our next round of drinks. It was very awkward. She was saying things like her husband is very rich, and that she couldn’t believe the bartender was “disrespecting” her like that. (By disrespecting, I think she meant the bartender was, you know, doing her job and cutting her off when she could visibly see that the woman had reached her limit.) So the bartender made us another round of shots, and we took them as the loud woman just awkwardly stood there. She finally walked away after complaining a little bit more.

Eventually, things died down after more drama ensued outside. Someone took an open glass outside, and the women from the other end of the bar weren’t getting any quieter. All in all, as one of my friends put it the next day, I had officially experienced a “real” bar… And on my 21st birthday no less.

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