Sundays are for brunch

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By: Natalie O’Neil

Sunday is a day of many things: a day of rest, a day of football and more commonly, the day before Monday.  Sunday often gets a bad reputation because it is the last day of the weekend, but maybe it is high time we sat back and enjoyed the most underrated day of the week.  How?  I have one word for you:  brunch.

Recently, my roommates and I were in the mood for good eats, sunshine and all the mimosas we could handle.  We knew just the place, so we boarded the Metro and traveled to beautiful Arlington, Virginia.  The sunshine was no problem, as it was a breezy 61 degrees in the District-Maryland-Virginia area.  However, upon arrival, we were met with a brief roadblock.

As we were unable to get into the original restaurant that we hunted down online, we were now stranded in Clarendon, hungry and in need of gallons of champagne.  As we sauntered, disheartened along Clarendon Boulevard, we happened across a unique restaurant with one word written across its window front: Oz.

Upon closer inspection, we discovered that Oz had $35 all you can eat brunch, and yes, penny mimosas.  It all seemed too good to be true, so we decided to head inside so we could make our final assessment.

unnamedWhen we entered, there to greet us were two stuffed animal koala bears on a wall fashioned to appear as a collection of bamboo.  As we made our way around the waiting area to take our seats, we found an ivy-covered wall to our left, an Australian flag to our right and two musicians playing live music.  We were sold.

Now, I understand that brunch isn’t always in the budget for everyone.  However, when I tell you that this brunch was worth every penny, I absolutely mean it.  For starters, not only was I able to choose from a variety of mimosa flavors, but the drinks themselves were in Olivia Pope wine-glass-sized goblets, which were filled to the brim.  The brim!  And yes, that is the technical term for huge wine glasses.

Aside from the pineapple, orange and grapefruit mimosas that I had the pleasure of indulging in, I also took a gander at some pancakes, avocado toast, sausage and even more avocado toast.  In addition to being almost annoyingly delicious, all of these were incredibly light, which meant I could keep going back for seconds, thirds and even eighths if I really wanted to.

If you do not think brunch will be worth the price, believe me, it will be.  With all the food I ate, I probably ended up saving money, because I did not eat again until 8:00 p.m.

So what is my point on all this, aside from making you completely jealous of my mimosa morning?  Well, my point is that Fridays and Saturdays are indeed wonderful for going out all night.  Still, nothing cures those nights like a Sunday afternoon with a slice of bacon in one hand and a glass of champagne and orange juice in the other.


So do not complain about Sundays–appreciate Sundays.  Because the next time Saturday night liquor betrays you, Sunday morning mimosas will have your back.

Sundays: because there is no better way to forget about Monday than to drink on Sunday.


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