Beauty and the Beast Wine Night

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By: Natalie O’Neil

As all you Disney fans out there surely know, the live action remake of the 1991 classic, “Beauty and the Beast” premieres this weekend.  The film, starring Emma Watson as Belle, opens on March 17.   However, this is also St. Patrick’s Day.  For everyone who wishes to see the film, but would rather not miss out on St. Patty’s festivities, there are a few options.  

Several theaters in the Pittsburgh area offer Thursday showings of the movie.  If you can’t make this, remember that some theaters, such as Cinemark in Robinson Township, offer deals on weekdays.  At Cinemark in Robinson you can see the film for five dollars on Tuesdays.  

Still, “Beauty and the Beast” will not be out for another couple of days.  What are you to do in the meantime?  Well, if you are the type who loves to stay in for a wine night with your friends, a “Beauty and the Beast” movie night could be the fix for you.  

Here’s what you’ll need:

1.A copy of the 1991 animated version of “Beauty and the Beast.”

2.If you can’t find an enchanted rose, you might as well have some sweet rosé.

2017-03-11 10.25.07 1

3. And what would a movie about France be without a baguette and some brie?

4. Dessert, of course.  For this occasion, you can’t go wrong with a simple vanilla cupcake with a strawberry garnish in the shape of a rose.

2017-03-11 10.25.05 1.jpg

5. Finally, a “Beauty and the Beast” drinking game.  Although it’s a drinking game, we encourage you to drink responsibly.  This means, try to stay away from hard liquor for this one.

Beauty and the Beast.png

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