Bill Cosby’s jury to be chosen from Allegheny County

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By: Staff

You could help determine the fate of America’s most famous TV dad, and the man who made pudding pops cool.  

Jurors for Bill Cosby’s sex assault trial will now be selected from Allegheny County, according to multiple news sources, including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Tribune-Review.  

The trial will remain in Montgomery County but with Allegheny County jurors. Judge Steven T. O’Neill noted in his ruling influential media coverage.

“No matter where we go … the national media has affected the entire state of Pennsylvania,” O’Neill said. “Unless you’ve been living under a rock in this state or in this country day after day for the last few years, the message that has been promoted is that Bill Cosby is guilty and that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist.”

Cosby, 79, has been charged with aggravated indecent assault in connection with an incident from 2004.  Andrea Constand has claimed that Cosby drugged her.  

Constand is just one of many women who have accused Cosby, who was also a pitchman for Coca-Cola back in the day, of drugging and assaulting them.

These cases came to light, following the taping of a comedy routine performed by Hannibal Burress of Broad City fame.  Burress commented about Cosby’s sexual assault allegations in 2014.  

If selected for the jury pool, it is highly unlikely that you will be served pudding pops.

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