What to do during Snowmaggedon 2017

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By: Jimmy Jacks

With anywhere from 6 to 24 inches of snow being projected across parts of the United States, Winter Storm Stella has just about everyone running for cover, or to buy bread and water, for the highly-anticipated blizzards over the next two days.

All of that snow makes traveling or even going outside difficult, and cabin fever can set in pretty quickly. That’s why we created a list of things to do while you’re stuck waiting out Stella and her potential wrath.

  1. Do some “winter” cleaning

Let’s start with a practical option. While this is usually left to the spring, what better time than during a blizzard to stay in and tidy up your humble abode or dorm? Put on some jams and dance around like nobody’s watching and make your place spotless—or flip around the furniture and try something completely new. You’ll sleep well after all of the cleaning, and you’ll fight off those winter blues with a sense of productivity upon turning a dreary day into an accomplishment.

  1. Board games

A somewhat more fun option than the first, yet much less productive, would be the classic stay-in games. Whether it’s a classic game of Clue, Life, Sorry! or something a little less well-known, get more out of your time inside than you would just staring at your phone. Friendships and relationships will strengthen with the face-to-face gameplay, although you could always put that to the test with the most infamous friendship-ruining game, Monopoly.

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  1. Sled Riding/Snowball fight

If you do decide to venture outside, nothing is more classic on a snow day than sled riding or having a snowball fight. Pro tip: take your sled riding to the next level by making a ramp, and take your snowball fight to the next level by making forts. Top it all off by coming inside and making hot cocoa, and you’ve got yourself a nostalgic trip down memory lane, unless you aren’t from a region that gets snow. In that case, take a leap of faith into said snow, and make sure to bundle up.

  1. Movie night

It’s hard to set aside upwards of two or three hours to simply sit and stare at the television as a college student sometimes. It’s even harder to not simply binge Netflix all night and procrastinate. Evade both of these by having you or a group of friends sit and watch a movie that you’ve all been dying to see, love to watch over and over or are simply curious about.

  1. Call Mom

You know she always loves to hear from you, and why not use the time inside to catch up with her and the whole family? This is also assuming that she isn’t already calling you to make sure you’re bundling up and eating enough amid the potentially massive snowfall.     

  1. Cook something creative

I don’t know about you, but learning new things is always fun whenever I feel cabin fever or any form of boredom in general. While this is somewhat dependant on having a kitchen available, microwaves are nifty alternatives that open the door for innovation in its own right. The beauty of learning to cook something new is the unbeatable payoff because you get to eat when you finish. Plus, everything tastes better with the sense of satisfaction in cooking for yourself or others.

  1. Do your homework

Yeah, nevermind. We all know that’s probably not going to happen.

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