Why you should watch NBC’s ‘This is Us’

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By: Danielle Santore


It’s a Tuesday night about 8:45 p.m. and you are not sure what to watch… I’ve got just the show for you. At 9 p.m., “This Is Us” will be on and you DO NOT want to miss it.

I know what you’re thinking … “I’ve never seen the show.” No worries—you can binge watch it “On Demand,” on Hulu, or even the NBC website.

WARNING: This show will make you cry just about every episode, so make sure you’re strong enough to get through it. I promise you it is worth every tear shed. Your favorite character is destined to struggle. It may not seem like they will, but it is going to happen.

People die, kids are born, there are just really bad days, people get sick, people get hurt and there is a lot of anxiety. “This Is Us” is based on a Pittsburgh family, and it’s the type of show that flips from past to present regularly.

It’s a show that during the first episode more things happen than you thought could happen in just an hour. The show features the hard reality of a mixed and messed up family. It shows that not all families are perfect and it has relatable content.

In the beginning, you meet the main characters which are Jack, Rebecca, Kevin, Randall and Kate. There are also three other crucial characters that are involved with their lives who are Toby, Beth and William. The first few episodes give back story on how everyone got to where they are today and from then on, it just gets crazy.

The first half of season one focuses more on Jack and Rebecca and how their kids came into their lives. The current season, which is the second half to season one, focuses a lot more on their kids lives today while still bringing in their past. So Jack and Rebecca are married, Rebecca didn’t want kids and Jack did. They wound up with triplets so that tells you somewhat how that went.

The triplets would be Kevin, Randall and Kate. Kate is obese and struggles a lot with self-conscious issues and pains from when she was a kid. One of the crucial characters, Toby has a lot of involvement with Kate’s character. Kevin is the prized son who is famous and is on a TV show, he also has a very entertaining love life. Randall is the third of them and is not technically blood, but to understand, you will have to watch.

All together these people make one big dysfunctional family. At the end of the day though, they love each other and always have one another’s backs. There is no show I would recommend more than this one. It appeals to both men and women that are older than about 16 years old. So if you need something to watch every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on NBC’s “This Is Us” could be just what you need.

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