St. Paddy’s style

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By: Olivia Bello

Style check!  Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Paddy’s weekend is a great time to break out your craziest outfit choices.  Here are some possible looks you might choose this St. Paddy’s!

Option #1

Pair a comfy, themed graphic tee with some ripped jeans and a pair of high top chucks.  You can dress this up with a choker or some bold eye-makeup, but you’ll still be casual enough to have a great time with friends.

Option #2

Fingers crossed for warm weather!  Pair a themed tee with some high-waisted shorts and a pair of high top chucks.  Maybe add a face decal or some glittery eyes to make your outfit really pop!

Option #3

The T-shirt trend seems to be one of the biggest of this year (possibly from the Kardashians).  Our two examples can both be found online (#1, #2).  You can cut a hole out of the neck and spend next to no money on this outfit.  Wear it with chucks (possibly high socks) or knee-high boots, and it will be a fun, comfy outfit to spend your St. Paddy’s wearing.

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