State Patty’s weekend

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By: Amari Jacks

Robert Morris University’s student body is 5,199, while the student population at Penn State University, located in State College, is 99,133, according to numbers from the 2016 school year.  Coming to a large university from a much smaller one, there is a HUGE difference when it comes to having more options for parties and other events.

There were a handful of parties that occurred on and around Penn State’s campus on the weekend of Feb. 24 for “State Patty’s.”  Although temperatures dropped from the mid-70s to 30 degrees, that did not stop students from having a great time.

It is a tradition for Penn State students to gather with peers and friends the weekend before spring break.  Students began celebrating on this weekend because Saint Patrick’s Day would always land on a day during spring break, when most college students would either go home or go on vacation.

Since students were away, they were unable to celebrate the holiday with their college friends on campus.  Therefore, State Patty’s was created so that students could celebrate the holiday with their college peers, according to students on the State College campus.

During this weekend, one of the fraternities, Kappa Alpha Psi (the Nupes), hosted a “Day Long,” where a party occurs at one of the fraternity brother’s houses located off campus.  Everyone drinks and dances the day and night away starting at 3 p.m.

Everyone wore some form of green clothing in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and the hosts made their fraternity’s special “juice” to share with guests.

Penn State junior Mark Chery predicted that this year’s State Patty’s would not be as “wild” as it has usually been the past few years.

“This weekend is going to be wild,” said Chery.  “But it won’t be as crazy as usual, since one of the frats got in trouble a while ago and will probably stay low-key to be on the safe side.”

According to Chery, someone mysteriously died in one of the frat houses, and ever since then, those fraternities have stayed out of the public eye.

Aside from the weather, there were other dampening forces.  Incidents including a recent alcohol-related death at a frat house prompted the university to ban alcohol at frat house gatherings.  “People are really tense about that,” said a senior named Miles who didn’t want his full name published.

The university also put a limit on the number of non-Penn State students allowed to stay in dorms.  What has come to be the norm is a bulked-up force comprised of State College Police, university police, state liquor control agents and state troopers who are ready to restore order.

“There have been a lot of new rules set up to try to stop us from having our fun,” said Chery.  “I have three other roommates, so we’re only allowed to have one guest for the weekend at the apartment.  You would think one guest per person would be allowed, but no, you can only have one guest in the apartment.  That’s it!”

Although this rule, amongst others, might have upset him and other students in attendance at Penn State for State Patty’s, that did not stop any of them from enjoying their weekend!

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