Alcohol coming to Bethel Park Sheetz

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By:  Andrew Carrera

The Sheetz located in Bethel Park will soon be selling alcohol, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Council approved a liquor license transfer from a Sheetz in Rankin to the one on Library Road in Bethel Park by a 7-1 vote Monday, reports the Post-Gazette.  The lone dissenter was Councilman Brandon Colella.

Councilman Don Harrison said that prior to Monday’s vote, residents had expressed concern that people loitering around the Sheetz parking lot at night would make a considerable amount of noise.

Stan Wolowski is an attorney for Flaherty and O’Hara, the firm which represents Sheetz.  Wolowski said that the store will post “no loitering signs” on its property, and that it is “seriously considering” posting a security guard on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Timothy O’Connor, the Bethel Park police chief, suggested both the sign and the idea of a guard being present.  O’Connor said that the “no loitering” signs will enable police to cite those who do not comply.  Police responded to 77 calls at the Bethel Park Sheetz in 2016, according to O’Connor, according to the Post-Gazette.


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