‘Logan’ review

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By: John Sargeson

“Logan” is the third and final installment of the Marvel Comics “Wolverine” franchise, and it clawed its way to the top of the box office over the weekend.

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The movie is centered around Wolverine, also known as Logan, and his journey to North Dakota to find a safe haven for a teenager named Laura.  Laura is a mutant like Logan, and with them on their journey is Logan’s former mentor, Professor Charles Xavier.  

They are traveling to North Dakota so that Laura, also known as X-23, can be safe with her friends whom she grew up with in a laboratory.  While they are traveling, a group of people who exterminate mutants follows them.  A man named Pierce is the leader of this group, and he is the movie’s primary antagonist.

It is revealed later in the movie that Laura is Logan’s daughter.  Laura was created in a laboratory, and Logan had no idea that she existed until her “mother” reached out to him.  She has powers similar to Logan, as she has a high regeneration factor as well as claws that come out of her hands and feet.  In the movie, Charles says, “Her claws in her feet are a defense mechanism.  Women are both hunters and protectors—and the claws in her hands are for hunting.  And the claws coming out of her feet are mainly for protection.”

“Logan” is rated R, and it uses the rating to its full potential.  It is the first film in the “Wolverine” franchise to have that rating, with the other two having a PG-13 rating.  The movie uses strong language, violence and blood to live up to the R rating.  The rating also adds a lot to the character of “Wolverine,” because up until now, the character did not live up to the full potential like it did in the comics.  This is something that fans of the character have been waiting for since 2000, when it was first portrayed in a movie.

“Logan” is possibly the best superhero movie to date, and it will make audiences emotional up until the last scene (no spoilers).  With Logan having lived so long and having seen his friends and family disappear, it is satisfying to see the “Wolverine” franchise conclude the way it did.  From seeing Logan rip through the people trying to hurt Charles and Laura, to finally coming to peace with the fact that people truly care about him, Logan realizes that he did not have to become what the Weapon X program (the laboratory that created him) wanted him to be, “The Wolverine.”


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