Pennsylvania auditor general believes state should legalize marijuana for financial reasons

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By: H. Grey

Pennsylvania’s auditor general said he believes legalizing marijuana could help solve some of the state’s financial problems, according to WPXI.

Auditor General Eugene DePasquale said that legalizing marijuana could bring in $20 billion in tax sales and employ over 250,000 people over the next 10 years, WPXI reports.

Marijuana is taxed and regulated in seven states, with New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland considering similar regulations.

According to WPXI, the marijuana industry created about 18,000 jobs in Colorado and brought in $129 million in tax dollars.

DePasquale said that the legalization is not just about jobs and tax revenue, but that it also has a social impact, specifically regarding arrests.

According to DePasquale, the decriminalization of marijuana in Philadelphia saved the city more than $4 million.

DePasquale said that while the legalization has benefited several states, it should not be something that Pennsylvania enters into lightly, WPXI reports.


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