Are you ‘Shamlessly’ addicted?

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By: Olivia Bello

Maybe you have been watching from the beginning, or maybe you just began binge-watching on Netflix because your friend told you to.  Either way, it’s hard to say you’re not addicted to “Shameless” once you dive deep into the Gallagher culture.

Personally, after getting through Episode One, I was as hooked as Frank is to his binge-drinking lifestyle. Watching “Shameless” is like watching a 50-car pileup on a busy highway.  You don’t know whether to stare or look away from some of the completely heinous things that happen in the show.

Untitled design.pngI believe that each Gallagher gets you addicted for varying reasons, and this is why. . .

Fiona (Emmy Rossum– It is easy to follow Fiona’s story at first, because you feel bad for the 21-year-old girl who was forced to drop out of high school to take care of her younger siblings.  However, you get attached to her story because of how wild she can actually get.  Her tumultuous romances with liars who manipulate their way into her life.  Her crazy, casual hook-ups and the crazy places she has said hook-ups.  Fiona may actually be the most “shameless” Gallagher of the bunch.

Frank (Wiliam H. Macy– The dead-beat daddy who is more invested in his own happiness than anything else in the world.  He walks in and out of the kids’ lives so fast it leaves you wondering what will happen next.  This is why it’s so easy to get addicted to Frank.  From one episode to the next, he leaves you guessing about what type of father he is going to be, and you secretly root for him to shape up and change his f***ed-up ways.

Lip (Jeremy Allen White– First off, yum, am I right?  Lip starts off as a sort of awkward-looking kid with lots of potential and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, but by the second season, he has all the girls wishing they were with him.  From his on-again, off-again relationship with Karen, to his friends-with-benefits relationship with Mandi, and finally, to his strange relationship with Amanda, you wonder what is going on with Lip.  His charm and his ability to get himself out of the South Side (for a little while) is what makes you addicted to finding out what Lip’s next move will be.

Ian (Cameron Monaghan– In the beginning of the series, Ian is all about fighting for the country.  He’s in ROTC and is working his way through high school, with the ultimate dream of attending West Point.  However, in true “Shameless” fashion, his life does not go as planned.  After coming out to most of his family, the audience sees Ian through a string of interesting hook-ups (his boss, Fiona’s boyfriend’s dad, and Mickey), which is what makes you invest into Ian as a character.

Carl (Ethan Cutkosky– From Episode One moving forward, it is clear that Carl is going to be the biggest troublemaker in the family.  His rise into a key role in the series is what keeps viewers so addicted to his journey.  Will he continue down a bad path, or will he become an upstanding, morally correct member of society?  He probably won’t become the latter, but the notion that he might is what keeps you watching.

Debbie (Emma Kenney– In my opinion, as far as the cast goes, Debbie has made the biggest change over the course of seven seasons.  She started off as the good girl who wanted to do whatever it took to keep her family afloat.  She even became so stressed that she manifested that stress physically in a full-blown rash.  However, the reason fans are addicted to Debbie is the full 180-degree personality change she makes the second she wants to become a woman.  That is when the real Debbie comes to the surface.

Finally. . . Liam (Brenden Sims– Liam is the youngest of the brood, and his innocence is what I believe entices the audience.  It gives you hope that maybe his life won’t be as messy as the ones led by his older siblings.  Plus, he is so adorable in the first few seasons that you can’t help but love that little baby.

So before you put off watching this amazing show for a year (like me), sign in to your Netflix and get yourself through the first few episodes.  You will not be sorry.  


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