Pirates extend protective netting

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By: Andrew Carrera

Opening Day for the Pittsburgh Pirates is just a couple of weeks away on April 7.  For those who plan to go to PNC Park this summer, your view of the field might be somewhat altered.

The Pirates have decided to install new protective netting that extends to the end of each team’s dugout, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

According to the Pirates, the new netting will be the same height as before.  However, the new netting is knotless and has fewer vertical cables than the previous netting.  “This should limit, if not eliminate, any sight line obstructions,” according to the team.

The team put a question-and-answer post on its website in which it explained the new netting system.  The Pirates said they will be “providing protection in those areas where the reaction time for objects that enter the seating area is the shortest,” according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The Pirates said that the netting expansion was not mandated by Major League Baseball.  According to the Post-Gazette, PNC Park was already compliant with MLB’s recommendations for protective netting.

Season ticket-holders can request a visit to see how their view has been affected by the extended netting.  If they are not satisfied, their membership representative can look at alternatives for those who want to relocate.  

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