Pittsburgh’s Fringe Festival Returns

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By: D. McKay

The Pittsburgh Fringe Festival is back in the Steel City, and according to Next Pittsburgh, it is bigger than ever.

You can experience “culture on the fringe” March 31, April 1 and April 2 at various times on Pittsburgh’s North Side.  With new elements, an extended format and an impressive lineup of performers, this will be Pittsburgh’s fourth annual Fringe Festival.

Through four different venues, Fringe is planning 37 shows and 88 performances.

“A celebration of boundary-smashing performance, uncensored creative expression and adventurous audiences, the three-day theatrical happening will showcase high-caliber, award-winning international artists alongside top homegrown talent—including veterans of the seminal Edinburgh Fringe Festival,” reports Next Pittsburgh.

The festival showcases theater and performance art that highlights just about anything you can think of.  This includes, but is not limited to, cancer, mental illness, mass shootings, sex, love, marriage and even pie throwing—all brought to you right in one location in Pittsburgh.

Festivalgoers can enjoy a multitude of different storylines at this year’s festival, from a musical puppet show to an electric orchestra conducted by a drag queen.  According to Next Pittsburgh, there are even six “family-friendly shows” at this year’s festival.

One of the new components that was added this year is a pop-up art exhibition called Illuminate, organized by Waynesburg University students, which showcases an array of artwork exploring light.

Returning to the festival will be Fringe’s StorySlam, which is an open-mic competition for anyone who wants to share five-minute stories based on the theme, “fool.”  An array of different free events and ancillary programs will also be available at other North Side establishments.

Get your tickets HERE.

You can purchase a “Fringe Button” for $5 which discounts tickets for most of the shows. Some shows require a “Fringe Button” to purchase a show ticket. General admission tickets range in price. HERE is the list of the shows and their prices.

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