United Airlines v. Leggings and Yoga Pants

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By: Olivia Bello

Passport, comfy sweatshirt, converse and leggings. . . the most important things in a girl’s life while she travels, but could that be against the policy of United Airlines?  Apparently, there is a story going around Twitter about two young girls who were told that they could not fly on a United Airlines flight this past weekend from Denver to Minneapolis.

According to this USA Today article, the two girls were stopped while boarding a flight due to that fact that they were wearing leggings.  Twitter immediately became abuzz, with patrons wondering why an airline would prohibit the clothing that its passengers were wearing.

In the article, Henry Harteveldt, who is the founder of a travel consultancy company called Atmosphere Research Group, said, “The only thing a passenger needs to know when they fly is that an airline may have a set of standards around language.”

Harteveldt added that any clothing with inappropriate messages may cause problems, but other than that, passengers can wear anything that would normally be considered “socially acceptable.”

It later came out that the two passengers were flying with what the company calls “Buddy Passes,” which are given to the family or friends of airline employees that either compensate for the entire flight or give considerable discounts.  In this case, there are certain rules and a dress code set in place for these guests to maintain a certain image for the airline.

Rest assured, unless you are planning to fly free or with a discount from an airline employee’s “Buddy Passes,” there will not come a day in the near future when you will be unable to wear yoga pants or leggings as travel attire.

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