Why ‘La La Land’ ruined all of my hopes and dreams of love

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By: Arli Swaney


Usually, I am pretty quick to get into a movie theater and see the smashing hit that everyone is raving about.  However, being a broke college kid, my opportunity to see “La La Land” didn’t come until I decided to go home for spring break.  My mother, who saw that I was getting cabin fever, paid me twenty dollars to get out of the house.

It was finally my chance to see this movie that I have been dying to see.  After all, it did extremely well at the Oscars, and I have an intense girl crush on Emma Stone.  It had to be this amazing love story, with the dashing Ryan Gosling singing quirky songs and wearing smoking outfits.  And did I mention that I love musicals?  And did I mention that I am a sucker for any romance film?

So for a girl who loves love, musicals and Emma Stone, this movie had to be a smashing success, right?  Wrong.  Oh, so wrong.

On an emotional level, aside from all the bad singing and repetition of the same damn song, this movie destroyed me.  (For anyone who watches “How I Met Your Mother,” you will understand this.)

This movie shoved Mia and Sebastian’s relationship down my throat.  (Just as HIMYM shoved Barney and Robin down my throat, but I digress.)  It was one of those things where you were basically forced to fall in love with their relationship.  You had to love them together, as that was the entire premise of the movie!  I had no other options.  I mean, Mia left her boyfriend at the time for Sebastian, and I didn’t even think twice.  I never called her a cheater.  It was true love!  And I was invested.

They made it through the highs and lows, facing unemployment and realizing that dreams can sometimes be very hard to attain, especially in “La La Land.”  However, this movie made me want to believe that if you are with the right person, your dreams will come to be if you work together.  Reality can be hard, and one half of the relationship can succeed, while the other half can fail.  Jealously and frustration can cause things not to work.

But when Sebastian literally drove all night to get Mia off her a** to a life-changing audition, I was like, “This is it.”  Both can achieve their dreams because they helped each other get there.  That’s what I wanted this to be about—how working together as a couple can result in a successful life, a happy romance and awesome careers.  THAT IS NOT WHAT I GOT.

First of all, Mia, my girl, you suck.  You suck, you suck, you suck.  Listen, I don’t know what happened in Paris, but how can you forget Sebastian like that?  He literally handed you your career.  He sacrificed his for yours, and now you’re married with a baby and a cold heart.  But then again, I’m just a bitter old hag.

Let’s talk about that last scene.  The one that slowly but surely left me sobbing into the popcorn bag.  Maybe it just hit too close to home, but that last magical dance scene was completely and utterly unnecessary!  It can be hard to see all the “what ifs” and unknowns in life, especially when it comes to love.  It’s hard to see it right there in front of you, what you could have done differently in life that could have drastically changed everything.  To see the little things that Sebastian and Mia could have changed to allow them to end up together was devastating.  And I did not like it.

I get it, I’m an overly emotional baby, but I just wanted to leave the theater after this movie was over.  Usually after movies, I can’t stop talking about them.  However, my friends and I didn’t speak during the whole drive home—we were all heartbroken.  I was expecting this movie to give me hope and faith in love at such a young age, but it made me feel hopeless and lost.

Maybe that’s why I was so upset with this movie.  As a young adult in college, the options for the future are unlimited.  Anything can change.  Right when you think you know where your life is heading—BOOM—life breaks out into a musical number.

You may think you know who you will end up with, marry and love forever, but you truly never know.

And what if you end up like Mia?  What if you end up wondering “what if” with that old flame?  What if we end up alright, but not truly happy for the rest of our lives?

I just wanted a movie where the couple I love together ends up together, instead of the woman meeting some random older man she probably found in a rich-people restaurant.  For once, why can’t the couple who meets in traffic telling each other to f*** off end up together?

I didn’t sign up for this.  I didn’t pay $22 for a large popcorn and a large amount of tears.  I know, I’m overly dramatic.  But it is not an overstatement when I say that “La La Land” ruined all my hopes and dreams of love.

Like I said, I’m overly dramatic.)


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