Calling all ‘fidgeters’

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By: D. McKay

Let me paint the scene for you.  You’re sitting in class, notebook in front of you, pencil in hand, lecturer chatting away, and you’re off daydreaming.  You should be focusing, or at least trying to, but instead, you’re off in la la land (I don’t mean the NOT Academy Award Best Picture-winning film from last year).

What if there was a way to help you focus?  Welcome to a “fidgeter’s” dream.

  1. Fidget Cube

According to the website for the Fidget Cube, it’s “an unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus.  Fidget at work, in class and at home in style.”  It was created by Matthew and Mark McLachlan from Denver, Colorado.

This cube has six different sides that you can play and interact with.  Nobs, balls that spin, buttons you can click, switches—basically anything you can click, switch or spin.

Currently, the website allows you to pre-order the official cube for $22 (It’s on sale!  You can save $3) in many different colors.  But if you’re impatient and want to try your luck with one that isn’t official, try Amazon for cubes that are anywhere from $2.80-$19.95.

  1. Fidget Spinner

With a similar idea to get you to focus, the fidget spinner has “three bearings (that) surround the center bearing.  All fits are pressure fit and will stay in,” according to Addictive Fidget Toys.

The entertainment from the spinner comes when you hold the toy between your pointer finger and thumb and simply spin it.  You can move it around to make it feel funny, watch it spin or simply just feel it spin to keep yourself focused.

Addictive Fidget Toys sells its spinners in different types, shapes and colors for prices ranging from $7.99-$43.89.  Amazon also has a wide selection for a range of prices.

  1. Fidget Rings

While most people spin a ring around their fingers, you can actually buy a ring that gives the same effect.  Fidget, LLC. says on its website, “By occupying senses in the wearer that are not required for the task at hand, this collection provides the right balance of sensory-motor stimulation that allows the individual to focus on their task.”

There are seven different toys:  two different types of rolls, three different types of slides and a spin necklace.  These toys are a little more expensive than the others, ranging from $23-$98.


Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 3.12.39 PM
Image credit: Fidget, LLC.



Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 3.08.25 PM
Image credit: Fidget, LLC.


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