The night with zero balance

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By: Jessica Bello

I have plenty of cringe-worthy, hilarious going-out stories, but nothing tops one of my first weekends in Morgantown.  It was our third home football game, my friends and I had all gone out the night before, and we weren’t feeling our best.  This did not stop us from tailgating in the heat all day.

After hours of tailgating and cheering on our thus far undefeated team, we stumbled home to our friend JP’s and all passed out for a long nap.  We woke up, we were rejuvenated, and we were ready to start the drinking all over again.  All of us drank just a tad too fast and ended up blacking out.  Slowly, JP’s house started to be filled with random people we had never met before.  Accepting it, we all just continued to drink and meet all of these new and very…interesting people.

In drunken rages, my roommate, Megan, fought with anyone who tried to change her music.  I tore apart JP’s closet and ended up in a baby blue, short sleeve button up with a peach pocket, Nike high socks that almost reached my knee, denim shorts I was already wearing, and a beige safari hat.  Our friend Laura joined me in a matching outfit, but her shirt was baby blue with black palm trees.  We walked around all of Morgantown like this, thinking it was perfectly normal.

After Megan spilled three full beers in a row on the carpet, we decided to leave everyone at the house and go to JP’s friend Reid’s house.  On the way there, I slipped and fell flat on my back not once. . . not twice. . . but three times.  We stayed there for about an hour (keep in mind, there is still a house full of people at JP’s), and then we made the same rainy journey back.

People started to clear out after we yelled at them for still being there, even though we just left.  None of us made it to a bed, so we all passed out on the living room floor.  It was a night filled with puke, outrageous outfits, yelling, slips and spills.  Safe to say, it was not one of our best nights, but it sure makes for a good laugh.

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