The ice cream lock you didn’t know you needed

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By: D. McKay

Someone was finally thinking, begone ice cream thieves!  You no longer have to fall victim to people stealing your perfect pint of ice cream, because Ben & Jerry’s created the Euphori-lock.

What is this magical contraption?  According to Delish, it’s “a combination lock that keeps the lid on your pint, deterring any would-be snackers.”  Obviously, those REALLY invested in getting that ice cream could just cut it in half… but that’s just cold (ice cream pun intended).

You can purchase the lock at Ben & Jerry’s stores and at Amazon for a mere $70ish (prices range on Amazon).  So it’s for those who really don’t want their ice cream stolen.

This ice cream lock can also be used for other things, such as helping yourself lose weight and keep on track, Delish reports.  A reviewer who gave the tool a five-star rating used it to keep himself out of his wife’s pint.

“I bought this product for my wife.  I want to control my weight, and she doesn’t want to budge on buying herself ice cream, and I have a willpower weakness for ice cream,” a reviewer named JC wrote.  “So far, it has done the job.  It has kept me out of her ice cream and helped me a little in my struggle to control my weight.”

You don’t just want this tool, you NEED it.

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