Penn State cancels Greek Recruitment for fall 2017 semester

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By: Amari Jacks

Penn State University will not allow formal recruitments of sororities and fraternities for the fall 2017 semester, and after that, students must have 12 credits before they can join Greek Life, according to the Onward State website.

These rules, among many others, will be implemented after more evidence has surfaced from the Beta Theta Pi fraternity incident that occurred on Feb. 2, along with recent instances of hazing, alcohol and illegal drug sales on campus.

The fraternity Beta Theta Pi has been officially banned and cannot return to the university as a chapter again.  On the night of Feb. 2, sophomore Timothy Piazza was accepting a membership bid.  He fell down the stairs while under the influence of alcohol, and he died two days later.  It was later revealed that no fraternity member called for an ambulance until 12 hours after the incident occurred, according to Penn State News.

Also, each fraternity on campus will be permitted to host only 10 socials that involve alcohol per year, and daylongs have been officially banned.  (For those who don’t know, daylongs are events held by fraternities where there is alcohol, and everyone drinks all day long).

“The current limit from IFC is 45 socials per semester — or three nights per week for the 15 weeks.  Social attendance will be ‘limited to the legal capacity of the chapter house,’” according to the Onward Penn State news site.

Although it is not official, it has been discussed that freshmen may be forbidden to join Greek Life at the university.  

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