The danger and luxury with dating apps

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By: Amari Jacks

Tinder, Bumble, Soul Wipe, OK Cupid or any other dating app you’ve heard about or used can be fun, but it can also be dangerous.

Please allow me to explain.

Dating apps are completely different than dating websites.  Dating apps are easy to use, because all you have to do is download the free app, create a profile with your best photos (selfies), write a short bio about yourself, explain why you’re on the app, etc.

On the other hand, websites like make you fill out a LONG questionnaire to find out your preferences in your potential match, what kind of relationship you’re looking for, what you like to do on dates, your blood type, etc. (The last one was a joke).

Since dating apps aren’t as tedious, more people are using them.  More than 10 million people use Tinder alone.  So you can only imagine how many people use the other dating apps.

Most people don’t know that 42 percent of people who use Tinder are already in relationships.  There have also been several occasions where Person A meets Person B for the first time through Tinder–and one of the two are robbed, killed, kidnapped or raped.

There are people who intentionally make fake profiles so that they have a quicker and easier way to access their victims.

“We have had cases where predators were using online dating or online hook-up type websites to meet victims and to have them meet them in private locations and attack them.  We had, several years ago, a subject who completed multiple rapes that way. . . In Philadelphia, a man was accused of beating and raping one of his matches and then forcing them to pay $3,000,” according to the NBC 12 site.

A good way to prevent this is to have Person A meet Person B in a public place, and to have them travel to that location separately.  I personally recommend that you tell a family member or a friend where you’re going and who you’re meeting up with.  Send them a screenshot of their face, messages, where they work, etc.

Although there are some unfortunate events that have occurred due to dating apps, there are times when having a dating app leads to a positive relationship.

“My current boyfriend and I met on Tinder about 10 months ago, dated for a while, and have officially been together for about six months,” said Jamie Yonkoske, a freshman at Robert Morris University.

Another person found a happy relationship through a dating app called “Hot or Not.”

“I downloaded ‘Hot or Not’ when it was in about three years ago.  I just got out of a five-year relationship at that point, so I wasn’t looking for another,” said Ashley Miller, a senior at RMU.  “Anyway, I wound up meeting my boyfriend now from it, Andrew.  We’ve been together for almost three years, and we’ve been living together for almost two years.  He’s the only other guy I’ve ever met that I can see spending my life with.”

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