Kennywood opening early, new food offered

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By:  Andrew Carrera

Kennywood Park is offering new food and deals for its 119th season, according to Upgruv.

For the first time in its history, Kennywood is opening the park a week early for season-pass holders. Upgruv reports the park will hold a “Season Pass Appreciation Weekend” on April 29 and 30.  The park will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on both days.  Not all rides will be operating that weekend, and guests need to RSVP online to reserve their spots.

In addition to opening a week early, Kennywood is offering a new dining pass for season-pass holders.  The pass, which is good for the whole season, is $79.99.  The pass is a credit that is added to the season pass and is separately priced.  The card can be used for two combo meals a day at various food stands throughout the season, according to Upgruv.

If you can make it to Kennywood on a weekday, you don’t want to miss the deals.  Upgruv reports that the cost of one-day tickets is $44.99 Monday through Friday but is $47.99 on Saturday and Sunday.  However, if you purchase a one-day ticket at a Giant Eagle, it is only $32.99.  Also, there is a “Super Senior FunDay” deal in which those who are 70 or older can purchase one-day tickets for $9.99 on weekdays or $12.99 on weekends.

Kennywood has also enhanced its movie experience.  Theatergoers at the park’s “Lego Movie 4-D Experience” will feel real-life wind gusts, water squirts, trembling seats and leg ticklers, according to Upgruv.  The 88-seat theater will show its Lego movie, which is approximately 12 minutes, about every 15 minutes each day from the park’s open till close.




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