‘The carousel never stops turning’

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By: Olivia Bello


“It’s a beautiful day to save lives,” and it’s also a beautiful day to binge-watch “Grey’s Anatomy” on Netflix.  Grey’s has been on the air for 13 seasons, and over the course of the past 12 years, it has gained and lost more leading characters than basically any other show on television.  The hospital has changed its name three times, and every time it makes a change, it entices the audience that much more.

Grey’s is so much more than a TV medical drama or a soap opera, as some people may think.  It is as iconic to the millennial generation as “Friends” was to the previous generation.  Executive producer and writer Shonda Rhimes created each character with a specific role and storyline, beginning with the pilot, and she has held true to the personalities developed by these characters.  She has shown the love between not only romantic partners of all kinds but also between the truest and deepest friends.

The writers behind this show have found a way to leave the audience surprised at every turn while also maintaining the foundation of the show, the medicine.  There are some truly amazing medical mysteries that have been played out within the storyline, and for each one, the writers and Rhimes have consulted medical professionals along the way to maintain accuracy.

In order to understand Grey’s, you must understand the web of characters who have walked in and out of the show over the years.  These are just a few of them:

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)- She is the main character and is known for being “dark and twisty.”  Meredith begins the show as a young intern who covers her deep-rooted problems with tequila, but by Season 13, she is a strong, independent mother.

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh)- Cristina and Meredith are each other’s “person.”  She is so standoffish and could care less about what anyone thinks of her.  However, when she leaves the show, she is open and is part of one of TV’s most famous best friendships.

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers)- Alex, in my opinion, is the character who makes the biggest change throughout the 13 seasons.  He starts off as the intern with a hot temper who wants nothing more than to sleep with the nurses, but he develops into a well-liked pediatric surgeon who has turned his whole life around.

Izzy Stevens (Katherine Heigl)- From the beginning, Izzy was the mom of the group.  She engaged in cooking, baking and cleaning in the house that all of the interns shared.  However, it did not take long for her crazy side to come out.  She fell in love with a patient and almost ended her career trying to save him.  In the end, Izzy ended up getting and overcoming cancer, and she ultimately left the show.

George O’Malley (T.R. Knight)- George (a.k.a 007) was in love with Meredith from day one, but he ended up marrying an older doctor on a whim.  He did not pass the test needed to continue his intern class, and he was set back a year.  After deciding that becoming an Army surgeon was best for him, George was accidently hit by a bus, and he did not survive.

And that is to name just a few of the hundreds of characters who have been cast on Grey’s over the years.

Somehow, after 13 seasons, this show is still able to remain relevant and up to date with what the fans are looking for.  I am honestly still shocked when awful things keep happening to Meredith Grey over and over again.

This is the type of show that you could watch for years and never become bored.  There is so much drama and suspense that it will leave you craving more every time you finish an episode.  If you are new to Grey’s or have never watched even one episode, I strongly urge you to give this show a chance.  You will be hooked, and honestly, it will teach you to look at the world in a different way.  You too will find “your person,” and you will be constantly reminded that “he is not the sun, you are.”

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