‘Disc Jam’ Review

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By: Malyk Johnson

“Disc Jam,” available on the Playstation 4, is a fun party game in which two or four players play a fast-paced game similar to tennis.  The game looks to take over the local competitive sports genre spearheaded by games like “Rocket League.”

The game gives you four character options from the start, each a little different than the other.  One moves quickly but can’t throw the disc very far.  Another moves a lot slower but has no problem lobbing the disc far onto the other side of your opponent’s net.

New outfits, taunts and discs are unlocked by playing games and earning credits to use at a slot machine that randomly spits out an unlockable.

The way the slot machine works isn’t great.  There’s no option to set it for whatever character you are currently playing or play most often.  All of the different unlockables are character-specific, meaning that a lot of the things you’re getting from the slot machine won’t be relevant to how you play.

The matches themselves are fun but get repetitive really quick.  The four characters you start with are the only characters in the game, and because all of them are so different, you’ll most likely see only two or three of them being played consistently online.

Scoring in the game is also inconsistent.  Scoring a point consists of throwing the disc into back parts of the field or the disc hitting the ground before your opponent catches it.  Doing that one time gives you five points, but it can and will go up and down without reason.  Do points go up because the disc has been thrown back and forth a set number of times?  Do points go up after bouncing the disc off the wall successfully?  The game never explains this, and oftentimes one mistake can net an opponent three times what one point is actually worth.

Despite the awkwardness, the game is fun.  With the right players, a game between two people can get really intense and come down to a simple mistake or a lucky throw.  A group of four players can partake in a double, which amounts to a lot of chaos.  Both modes of play are sure to make for a good time.

Developer High Horse Entertainment shows promise with “Disc Jam,” its first game, although it’s rough around the edges.  It is worth a weekend of your time and makes for a fun addition to a collection of games to play with friends.


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