McDonalds beefs up their menu

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By: John Sargeson

McDonald’s is changing their menu, in a very fresh way. According to “The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,” McDonald’s is going to start using selling their signature sandwich, “The Quarter Pounder with cheese,” with fresh, never frozen meat.

Sound familiar? If so, that’s because that is the exact slogan for Wendy’s restaurant, along with Five Guys. The article said that McDonald’s is doing this because of the demand from customers for fresher ingredients.

McDonald’s said on their Twitter account, “Today we’ve announced that by mid-2018, all Quarter Pounder burgers at the majority of our restaurants will be cooked with fresh beef.” This means that not only do customers have to wait until 2018 to eat the new meat on the Quarter Pounder, but the “fresh never frozen,” is only applying to it as well.

This is not the first time that McDonald’s changed their menu to have fresher food. According to “The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,” they have also removed artificial preservatives in their chicken nuggets, and removed high fructose corn syrup from their buns. This is probably because, according to the article, McDonald’s has lost 500 million customer transactions since 2012 to their competitors.

McDonald’s did say however, that this change in the menu will not mean price changes to the burger. They also said that the new Quarter Pounder with cheese will not be available in Hawaii or Alaska, because of the cost of shipping the new meat.

Although the wait is long for the new meat, it seems as though this is a huge step in the right direction for McDonald’s. with the new “fresh never frozen” patties, their sandwiches will stack up better with places like Wendy’s and Five Guys.

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