Five Ways to Save Money at American Eagle

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By: Haley Potter

“Broke College Kid” is a name that we are all just a little too familiar with.  Between the textbooks, fast food around campus and weekend fun, what thriving college student can justify spending what little bit of cash he or she has on clothing?  Well there are some solutions if you are looking to shop at American Eagle and get a little extra bang for your buck.

You may be wondering exactly how to do that.  Here’s how!

  1. Sign Up, Shop Up

When you sign up for AERewards, you are really only benefiting yourself and your inner shopping diva.  Every time you buy something from American Eagle, whether it be online or in the store, you accumulate points that can be used to save money on future purchases.

  1. Save Coupons

Be that annoying customer in front of you in line at the grocery store with a coupon for his or her broccoli and buy-one-get-one-free toothpaste.  It turns out that clipping out coupons actually saves you money. . . crazy, huh?  Every 10% off adds up in the long run.  American Eagle coupons can be found online or in its magazine.  If you sign up to be a member or give them your email, you will receive special promotions.

  1. Shop Clearance

I know that the dazzling, irresistible sweater in the window is just screaming your name, but toughen up and make your way to the back of the store, where double the outfits are calling your name for half the price.  Don’t forget, those discounted items were once in the glam lighting of the front of the store, too.

  1. Have a Budget

Walk into the store with an idea in your head of exactly how much money you are willing to let yourself spend.  If you have a hard time justifying spending $54 on a pair of jeans while in your car, do not let the pair of jeans change your mind once you lay eyes on them in the store.

  1. Bring your Mom shopping with you

It is very likely that bringing your mom along to the store will benefit you.  She will be there to watch you try on clothing and tell you that the ugly shirt does in fact look ugly on you.  On the other hand, if she thinks the shirt looks really good on you, there is a high chance that she will just buy it for you.  It is like a win-win situation.  Plus, nothing is more important than a mom’s opinion or a nice day out shopping with her.

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