Have you seen ‘Get Out’?

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By: Amari Jacks

“A young black man meets his white girlfriend’s parents in Jordan Peele’s chilling satire of liberal racism in the US,” wrote one of the film’s critics, Mark Kermode.  

The thriller “GET OUT” was written and directed by comedian, actor and filmmaker Jordan Peele and was released Feb. 24, 2017.

Peele has been active in the entertainment industry for about 15 years, and this was the first piece he wrote and directed that did exceptionally well.  The movie had a $5 million budget and made more than expected.

“Sketch-comedy whiz Jordan Peele of TV’s ‘Key and Peele’ and ‘Keanu’ has cooked up the smartest horror movie in ages, an edge-of-your-seat thriller that is entertaining and creepily enlightening at the same time,” wrote film critic Roger Moore.

In the first weekend alone, the film made $33,337,060.  The gross income as of March 28 (a month after the release) in the United States was $149,530,070.  As of March 21, the film made $2,909,548 outside the U.S.

The movie stars Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington, Allison Williams as Rose Armitage, Lil Rel Howery as Rod Williams, Catherine Keener as Missy Armitage and Bradley Whitford as Dean Armitage.  Chris is Rose’s boyfriend, Rod is Chris’s best friend, and Rose’s parents are Dean and Missy.

For those of you who haven’t seen the film, I will do my best not to spoil it for you.  But it was phenomenal!  I expected it to be OK when I walked into the theater, but I didn’t think it would exceed my expectations.

Every scene was psychologically done, yet in a creative way.  That may sound confusing, but once you’ve seen the film, you’ll understand what I mean.  And if you are well aware of the racial and social injustices in this country, you will completely understand this movie and be able to break down its psychological aspects.

For example, at the start of the film, a young black man named Andre is walking the streets of a suburban area while talking on the phone.  A car pulls up, slows down and turns around to follow him.  The guy driving in the car gets out with a metal mask on, kidnaps Andre and puts him in the trunk of his car while playing creepy music.

I, as well as some friends of mine, think this specific scene represents the unrightful killings of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and many other black men who were attacked or killed while minding their own business.

Andre is shown again a little later on in the film but appears to be a little different to Chris.  Chris knew of this man as an acquaintance not too long ago and could tell something was off about him.

Chris didn’t figure it out until he took a picture of him while unintentionally having the flash on.  This caused Andre to lash out and yell at Chris to GET OUT.  Chris began to rethink his weekend trip to the Armitages and finally made an attempt to leave.

But when he does, it’s much too late.  Rose and her family have other plans for him.  And as an audience member, chills may run up your spine when you find out the Armitages’ plans for Chris and other African-Americans who enter their home.

If you would like to catch this film, it’s still in theatres at the Dependable Drive-In, Cinemark Robinson Township and XD as well as Cinemark North Hills and XD.

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