Top places to study abroad – Part 1

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By: H. Grey


For anyone looking for amazing food and a country enriched with history, Italy may be your destination.  The beautiful landscape and gelato are just two of the perks.

While knowing the language isn’t required, immersing yourself in the culture could be difficult without it.  


Thousands of students travel to Spain to study the language each year.  A variety of beaches and hiking options exist all around the country for entertainment.

Be sure to immerse yourself into the local culture to really experience what Spain and its people have to offer.


One of the most popular and expensive places to further your education abroad.  Whether it’s the rich history or “Harry Potter” that attracts you to the country, this is an ideal place for anyone going abroad for the first time.

Culture shock shouldn’t be a factor when studying here, so anyone looking for a more challenging adventure may want to look elsewhere.


Is it the amazing sites or city lights that makes students to want to study here?  Whatever the reason, it gives the opportunity for adventure and challenge.  Spend time sightseeing and learning the country’s history while here.

Students can choose from taking classes in either English or French – it all just depends on what kind of experience you are looking for.


Home of Oktoberfest and the inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella Castle, Germany offers many opportunities for students.  Germany is the headquarters for some of the world’s largest companies, making it great for students seeking internships abroad.

Learning some German is recommended before going abroad, but there are a number of programs offered in both German and English.

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