Eating cheap at Chipotle

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By: Haley Potter

Most college students like the taste of a nice savory burrito or some chips with guacamole from Chipotle, so we are here to tell you the proper way to go about this:

  1. A Bowl for the Win

Sure, a burrito may taste a little better, but aside from the horrible mess you are going to avoid by getting a bowl, you are also getting more “yum” for the price.  A bowl can hold almost double the amount of beans, rice, meat and other toppings than the regular burrito can.  And again, you will not have a mixture of beef, guac and rice all over your brand new shirt by the end of your meal.  Not to mention, you can take the bowl home and heat it up later.  It’s not quite that easy when you are dealing with a soft tortilla shell that can’t be reheated.

  1. Keep an eye out for Promotions

Every once in awhile, Chipotle offers promotions.  On certain occasions, they will give you a free burrito for purchasing a gift card.  Ultimately, you are just getting 10 burritos for the price of nine.  At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a free $7.50 burrito from time to time?  That’s right, everyone does!  Chipotle also offers promotions on other occasions, such as Halloween.  They also release games that can be played to win a free meal.  Also an awesome perk!

  1. Feeling the guac? Get it on the side

Getting guacamole on your burrito or in your bowl is ideal, but depending on how generous the worker is feeling, you could be missing out.  If you are paying extra for the guac in the first place, just get it in a side container.  This ensures that they fill it, and you will be able to use as much guac as your heart desires.


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