RMU Super Saturday, were you there?

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By: Natalie O’Neil

Super Saturday: An RMU Treasure

There’s Halloween, there’s the Fourth of July, there’s St. Patrick’s Day, there’s New Year’s and there’s President’s Day.  However, on University Boulevard, there’s no holiday like Super Saturday.  Here’s a look at some of the reasons why Robert Morris University students can’t get enough of Super Saturday.

For the Memories

One of the reasons we love Super Saturday here at RMU is that it never fails to leave us with some pretty great stories.

Exhibit A:  The Year of the Mudslide.

For those present in 2015, perhaps the greatest pastime that year was watching attendees slip, slide and wipe out on the volleyball court hill.  To those of us who survived the dangers of the horrible weather, 2015 has become affectionately known as the “Year of the Mudslide.”  If you could make it to the bottom of the hill mud-free, you would likely spend a good chunk of your day watching others try to make it safely.  As for me and my friends, we had the pleasure of seeing a whole host of people fall from the Washington towers to the mucky volleyball courts.

“We stood there and just watched like 12 people fall from the top of Washington down to the volleyball courts,” said Emylee Milani, a senior at RMU who found plenty of entertainment watching the mini-mudslide torture students.

The real victims of 2015 were the hundreds of sneakers, which still haven’t fully recovered.

New Faces

Another reason why students love Super Saturday so much is because it’s a day when the entire campus comes together.  Those you see every day mingle with the people you’ve only seen while standing in line in the Hale Center Café.  Those you’ve never seen in your life are suddenly your best friends—if only for a few hours.

2016 Super Saturday was particularly awesome, because the sun was shining, and people from every intramural sport, academic organization, Greek affiliation and leadership position came out to the volleyball courts to partake in a tournament for the ages.  So no, it wasn’t really that dramatic.  However, it did bring out a mass of students who would never normally interact.

Kaylynn Roebuck, a senior at RMU, told WAWDT, “Freshman year, I spent an hour playing volleyball with people that I will never know.”

Catching Up

Even if you’re not making new friends, sometimes the day allows you to catch up with old ones.  One of my favorite memories from Super Saturday is turning around to find a friend I hadn’t seen in almost a year.  We’d both been away from campus the past two semesters, and it was so good to finally have the chance to chat.

Making Finals Bearable Again

Anyone who has ever had to sit inside on a beautiful spring day (so like. . . anyone) understands how crazy it can make you.  This is especially true when you’ve spent the last several months in class while the weather has increasingly gotten better and better.  This is especially true when finals are looming, and you just need a breather from all the days you’ve spent studying in the library.  I mean seriously!  Sometimes it feels like the last time you had fresh air was the brief moment walking from your car to Nicholson that morning.

Sorry. . . I digress.  Anyway, Super Saturday offers us the chance to clear our heads and forget about school for one day before we dive headfirst into finals week.  Sometimes all we need is a group of friends, a nice day and our favorite RMU dad-hats—or in my friend’s case, a backward, upside-down visor—to really prep for a test.

Super Saturday:  making finals bearable again.

Why We Really Love Super Saturday

It’s funny, when I asked a couple of friends what they loved most about Super Saturday, I expected to hear a lot about alcohol.  However, most of them responded by saying it was fun because we could all spend the day together, and it was an opportunity to see people we normally don’t.

For students at RMU, Super Saturday isn’t just about causing trouble or partying too hard.  For a lot of us, it’s a day that allows us to let go of what separates us and embrace what makes us the same:  a love for our school, its students and the celebration that comes from another year passed at good ole Bobby Mo.

If you think about it, Super Saturday is a lot like the end of “High School Musical 2,” except with less synchronized dancing and more lounging in the grass watching non-volleyball players try to play volleyball.  Sure, there’s no Troy Bolton, but there are certainly star athletes grilling lunch with theater-lovers, there’s that same spirit of camaraderie, that overflowing sense of school pride and even an occasional song in unison.

What’s YOUR favorite Super Saturday memory?  Tell WAWDT here.

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