The five worst people on Snapchat

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By:  Jimmy Jacks

Snapchat has risen from a simple exchange of picture messages into a one-stop shop for news, entertainment and communication.  When used effectively and appropriately, Snapchat allows users to interact with one another and capture moments in a unique, creative way.  It also affords users the chance to see relevant information on their smartphones in an incredibly contemporary and innovative fashion.

That being said, there are several ways of using Snapchat that are infuriating to me, and I have to wonder if they irk you just as much.  Of course, you can let me know that in the comments below, hint hint.

Any-who, without hesitation, here are the five worst people you’ll find using Snapchat.

  1. The person who Snapchats concerts

There is almost nothing as annoying as seeing a snap story or receiving a bunch of snaps of someone at a concert.  I’ll be the first to come to the defense of millennials for participation trophies, but I’ll also be the first to criticize their usage of smartphones at all times.  The head-scratching lack of logic behind going somewhere only to watch a concert through your phone screen is the first red flag.  Concert snaps are usually so loud that the microphone on the phone cannot handle it all without blowing the audio out.  So while the person taking the snaps gets to hear a great show, you hear utter nonsense that will give you a headache.

A side note, when you sing while taking that snap, all we hear is your singing, which 9/10 times pales greatly in comparison to the actual performer.

  1. The person who snapchats zoo trips or fireworks

You know, if I really wanted to see all of the animals at the zoo or some fireworks, I would go to the zoo or go to see some fireworks!  It blows my mind that people think anyone is interested in seeing each and every animal at the zoo or five minutes of snaps of fireworks.  Neither of these things are unique or entertaining enough to sit and capture their attention for more than thirty seconds, max.

  1. The person who snapchats people at a party

Possibly my biggest pet peeve — the people who snapchat other people at parties.  These people are downright rude.  It’s a total buzzkill to have someone standing with his or her phone pointed at you while you’re trying to simply have some fun and blow off steam.  I came to this party to be with the people at the party, not to broadcast it to the world.  Not surprisingly, these are often the same people who snapchat everything at the zoo as well.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m no zoo animal.  Stop snapchatting me if I want to bong a beer or do a kegstand.

  1. The people who snapchat their coffee

This one falls under the category of “who the heck cares?”  So you got some soy-mocha whatever for the fourth time this week — fantastic.  I love a cup of joe to start out each day myself, but who in their right mind thinks that it’s something they must share on a daily basis?

  1. The people who snapchat literally everything

There’s more of these people than you think, and odds are, you may be one of them if you’re under 24.  I cannot tell you how many of my peers cannot do something without having to document it or share it via social media, especially on their snap stories.  I firmly believe each person is beautiful and unique, but that does not mean I am interested in every mundane or unoriginal thing you do.
Pro tip:  Put down your phone and take time to take in what’s around you.  Reflect and live in the moment.  Apps like Snapchat don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, but who knows what will happen to you or me tomorrow.  Go live your life unplugged.

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