Wawa or Sheetz you decide

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By: Danielle Santore

One of the biggest arguments across the state of Pennsylvania is Wawa vs. Sheetz.  Depending on where you’re from and how you grew up, the answer to that question differs.  Though very similar, both places offer different things.

The first major difference is that Wawa and Sheetz have different types of made-to-order food, yet the two have a few things in common.  Wawa has things such as soup and meal bowls, which contain all sorts of things from potatoes to chicken.  Wawa also has a bigger variety of hoagies.

Another major difference is that Wawa contains a full deli, while Sheetz does not.  At Sheetz, you can get anything from a burrito to chicken bites in any flavored sauce.  What differentiates the two places is that Sheetz has burgers to which you can add your own touch.  Without question, both places have good food, but what about drinks?

To go with your sodium-filled food, you’re going to need something to drink.  Wawa has a bigger variety of drinks, including its own Wawa brand, in which all the drinks are fairly cheap.  By cheap, I mean two for $2 is its thing.  The Wawa brand has lemonade, flavored teas, milk and other juices.  It also carries sodas and energy drinks, just as Sheetz does.  At Sheetz, on the other hand, there are more slushie options—when I say more, I mean Sheetz has every flavor you can imagine—with flavors ranging from your favorite soda to even marshmallow.

Another important component of gas station food stops is sweets.  Both places carry an insane number of candy bars, but Sheetz has something in particular that gives it a boost—ice cream stations with toppings.  Now, Wawa does carry milkshakes and ice cream to go from the freezer, but a place where you can make your own ice cream?  Sounds great to me.

Finally, I would like to address something that many people probably care about:  the time spent inside these places.  For both, it really depends on location, but Sheetz is a little speedier with made-to-order foods.  Wawa is delicious, but sometimes you have to wait a little longer.

Either way, at Sheetz or Wawa, you will get something yummy!  Both offer a variety of good things for you to eat and drink.  If you need to stop at a gas station on a long trip, I would recommend one of these places!

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