Five reasons you should stay at school for the summer

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Summertime for many college-aged students means going back home to the same boring job or the same boring small town.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Many universities give students free or discounted housing for having a local job or internship.  And even if they don’t, there are many reasons to stick around a college atmosphere during the summer months.

  1. It furthers your independence

Whether it’s overbearing parents or just the pursuit of being able to make whatever decisions you want whenever you want, nothing promotes a self-starting attitude and work ethic like a college atmosphere.  With opportunities galore, college is the place to not only have the opportunity to have newfound freedom, but also to find yourself in the process.

  1. It enhances the college experience

College may just be the best four years of your life.  So why waste the better part of three months away from the fun?  Take it from someone who spent two summers on campus:  the learning, fun and everything that makes college great doesn’t stop over the summer.  It was slightly different, with many of my peers back home.  But if you get even a few friends to stay the summer, you’ll find that summer at college provides the perfect balance between productivity and fun.

  1. You’ll become a better professional

In order to justify staying on campus for the summer, you’ll likely need to have an internship or part-time job with the school.  I took an internship last summer simply for the reason of gaining free housing at my university.  What happened was that I attained a deeper enhancement of my professional experience as an undergrad and a great experience in my major.

  1. Academic progress

The other justification for staying on campus over the summer is obviously for academic reasons.  Summer classes allow for the opportunity to get ahead or keep momentum when it comes to school.  It can help you graduate early, or it can be the difference between taking 12 or 15 credits instead of a heavy 18.

  1. Avoiding the boredom of home

Admit it, who the heck wants to go home?  Odds are, you’ll end up living under your parents rules, hanging with other kids from high school who didn’t get an internship or job outside of town, or doing the same things you’ve done for the past decade or so.  College during the summer is an adventure, a change of pace and a step into something new.  Do yourself a favor and turn that step into a leap, and I promise you’ll love the outcome.

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