What not to do at a Pirates game

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By: John Sargeson

Going to a Pittsburgh Pirates game is an experience like no other.  With baseball being my favorite sport, I’ve been to many in my lifetime.  I’ve been there for all the ups and downs of the team, witnessed my first walk-off win last year and have even stuck around for a 14-inning game in which the Pirates lost.

I would like to think that people like going to games with me.  I am a very calm fan.  I know when to cheer, when to move in and out of my seat, and I know what to say (and more importantly, what not to say) when I am sitting in attendance.  However, over the years I have witnessed countless things fans do that just make me mad.

Here are some things that you should never do when you are in attendance at not only a Pirates game, but a baseball game in general:

  1. Don’t heckle or boo the home team.

I know this might sound elementary and obvious, but it drives me nuts when I hear fans heckling one of the Pirates outfielders.  They play for the home team, so why on Earth would you want to make them play worse by yelling at them?  Also, don’t boo the home team.  The Pirates will make you mad sometimes, but don’t forget, they are the HOME team.  Booing them to show your frustration will only make them feel and play worse.  I never boo the Pirates when I’m there, and you shouldn’t, either.

  1. Don’t leave your seat in the middle of an inning.

They even say this at the beginning of the game!  It is rude to the fans around you who are trying to watch the game.  While you couldn’t wait 10 minutes to go to the bathroom or buy food, a fan could have missed a really good play.  I was at a game over the weekend against the Yankees, and during almost every inning there were people walking in front of me, and I couldn’t see the game.  Words could not describe how frustrated I was getting.

  1. Don’t be that person who gets too drunk at the tailgate and becomes intolerable to watch a game with.

Unfortunately, this has happened to my group of friends way too many times.  Some of my friends want to tailgate, and then they get too drunk and can’t handle themselves once they are inside.  If you are going to drink at a tailgate, at least be able to handle yourself once you’re in the ballpark.

  1. Stop doing the wave.

This doesn’t seem like too popular an opinion, but I just hate the wave.  It started in 1981; I think it’s time to ban it from baseball stadiums.  Even New York Mets superstar pitcher Noah Syndergaard tweeted out once, “Home team stadium started the WAVE tonight.  Lost 14-4.  Coincidence?  #banthewave.”

Baseball is America’s pastime.  If you are going to a game, make it enjoyable for not only yourself, but also the people around you.  I think that if you adhere to my list, you will not only be a better fan at the stadium, but a better person as well.  And as always, #BanTheWave.

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