McDonald’s Took A Childhood Favorite off The Menu

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I don’t know about your childhood, but mine was filled with plenty of Happy Meals. McDonald’s was always the go-to fast food restaurant for my brother and I growing up. However, I regret to inform you all that a piece of that Happy Meal has been taken off that menu for good.

Back in the day, I would always get the four-piece nuggets with the bbq sauce, fries and one of the toys. But my meal was incomplete until I had Hi-C Orange Lavaburst to wash my meal down.

Yes, I said it. Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will be taken off the Mickey D’s menu starting May 1, according to the MSN website. Mcdonald’s will continue to sell it until it’s all gone.

Personally, I do not believe Hi-C could ever be replaced. But McDonald’s will use Sprite Tropic Berry as a replacement—but only for the restaurant’s that are partnered with Coca-Cola.
Now a new generation will never know the essence of the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. #SMH

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